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Green pcs

In this world being green and being very eco friendly is very in these days and lets face it computers are not eco friendly, they use lots of energy using fans to cool them and some of the parts are not very eco friendly either

so what can we as computer uses to also be green and eco friendly and lets face it computers are not eco friendly?

1. You can buy a green eco friendly pc

So why buy one?

  • They are cheap to run
  • They are good for the environment

below is a list of companies that make eco computers

Go green pc

Very pc

Aleutia pc

these computers are small and these only 8watts of energy

Asus EEEbox

these computers a small and cheap

2 Recycling

this is a very good way of saving the environment not alone helping charities, the below from the ict knowledge base states why we should this can be found at

“Equipment that is beyond its useful life for one organisation may be of use to someone else. Computers can be refurbished and passed on to schools, other charities or individuals, both in the UK and abroad.

Some organisations that recycle computers have a minimum specification that they will pass on and some will only come and collect a minimum number of units. Some will ask for a donation or charge a fee and others only accept equipment that is working as they have to pay to dispose of anything that can’t be used.

Ask your local networks about whether you have a community-based computer recycling project in your area. Ask your local Council, or have a look on websites such as Donate a PC, Waste Online or Envocare for a wide range of contacts and advice”.

a good company to do this would be it green

3 use your computer in a eco friendly way

follow these very easy rules, find at

  • Shutdown Your Computer Without Losing the Perks of an Always-On PC
  • Save Paper when Printing
  • Turn Off Peripherals to Kill the Vampires
  • Estimate Your Power Usage

for more information read this artcle from ict knowledge base


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